Think You Can't Afford Shakeology?

Right away Shakeology seems way too expensive and overpriced to some people. "$120 per month, wow that's a lot!"  I’ve heard it all… I challenge you to look back at your spending over the last 30 days?  Where have you blown $100?  Target?  Extra groceries that have sat untouched or spoiled before you could eat them?  fast food?  Lattes?  Alcohol?  What could you honestly have cut out that could have given you an additional $3-4 a day to enjoy the healthiest meal possible?

You have to eat. Why not put amazing things in your body? For just $3-4 a day? That's the cost of a Lean Cuisine. Cheaper than a meal at McDonalds. And healthier than both.

Consider this: What if all the restaurants (both fast food and sit down) and coffee and smoothie shops in the world created a company.  What if that company charged you at the beginning of each month for all of the meals you would eat out that month and all the beverages you would buy.  How much would your bill be?

Not only will you be weighing your body down with the junk you get from fast foods, but you feel sluggish and bloated right out of the gate.
 If you use Shakeology right and replace a meal such as breakfast or lunch one time a day you will notice dramatic results!  You will have increased energy, stamina, regularity and overall health by providing your body with 70+ all natural and nutrient rich high grade ingredients.


So you already drink protein shakes daily?  Does your shake have digestive enzymes to help you digest the protein and absorb the nutrients?  Does your shake have natural prebiotics like yakon root that helps with digestion?  Does your shake have 8 adaptogenic herbs known to protect your body from stress?  Does your shake have enough antioxidants to reduce free radical damage to your body by 45%?

Included With All Shakeology Home Direct Orders:
- FREE Shipping
- FREE Shakeology Shaker Cup
- FREE Workout DVD’s
- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Price: $119.95

(Ask how you can get your Shakeology for $89.96)