Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

I came across this recipe for greek yogurt bars and they look AMAZING!  I haven't tried them yet, but I will have to soon!

A 4-ingredient dessert.....right up my alley!

Ingredients (approx one 8×8 pan)
1. Let the coolwhip thaw slightly, then combine with yogurt and mix until well combined.
2. Pour the granola in a food processor and pulse several times until ground.
3. Transfer to a bowl, add peanut butter and use your hands to mix well.
4. Press crust mixture into the bottom of a pan.
5. Top with yogurt mixture and freeze.
6. Cut into squares and serve.

The crust will hold together fairly well with just the granola and pb. If it doesn’t, you could add a little melted butter, or increase the amount of pb you use.

Here is the link to go to the website that I found this on! (she has great pics included)
The Lean Green Bean