March Challenge Packs & Specials

Summer is right around the corner, only a few months away! Join my next 90 day challenge group for healthy recipe ideas , accountability, motivation and support from others looking to get healthier!  Sometimes being in a private secluded group with other like minded people you see those results faster because you have no distractions.  Go ahead and try these, you have nothing to lose! 

Starting today we have 4 discounted programs! I am starting up a new private Facebook challenge Monday March 11th!

P90X is one of the most popular home fitness program ever! P90X and P90X2 challenge packs are regularly $205 and dropped today to $180.
Slim in 6 is a program formulated to slim and tone your entire body in 6 weeks time. This is great for people who are new to fitness, and is perfect for people who want to lose weight and get toned in a shorter amount of time.
Usually $160 for the challenge pack and is now $140.
Hip Hop Abs is a great midsection workout if you love to dance! The moves are broken down into steps so almost anyone can do them. The workouts are set to dance music so it's high energy and fun. The pack is down to $140 and if you want just the program it is now $19.95.

If you are interested in any other programs and have questions please ask! If you want more deets on what challenge packs are and how much you can save instead of buying the program and Shakeology individually.

Contact me to find out what my MARCH special is! =)