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On May 6th, Beachbody rolled out the green carpet for the world premiere of the phenomenal follow-up to Greenberry Shakeology. And, the reviews are already in.
By all accounts, it’s better than ever to be green.
Bravo, Greenberry! 
We assembled a Greenberry Sensory Panel of customers and Coaches to put version 2.0 to the test. The criteria? The six most critical components: Appearance. Aroma. Overall Taste. Texture. Sweetness. Aftertaste.
Not only did the new Greenberry pass this ultimate test, it shattered even the most discriminating shake-lovers’ expectations. We sent NEW Greenberry packets to our Elite Coaches and the rave reviews are rolling in! Here is just a sample of the kudos we’ve received:
Green never tasted so good
Like its predecessor, the new Chocolate, the new Greenberry Shakeology was given a major face lift. Better make that a taste lift.
Lighter. Sweeter. Fruitier. The new customer-approved Greenberry has a substantial edge in the all-important flavor department. One panelist exclaimed, “The enhanced berry taste is just awesome. My favorite by far!” Another commented on the “superior texture” and still another added it was “smooth from start to finish.”
So what’s the final tally? Four out of five current Greenberry drinkers on the panel overwhelmingly favored the new formula over the old one. Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that three out of five NON-Greenberry drinkers said they liked the new version enough to add it to their flavor rotation.
And like all members of the Shakeology family, the new Greenberry underwent this extreme flavor makeover without sacrificing any of its signature health benefits. In fact, it added even more to the mix.
The healthiest meal of the day just got healthier
More protein. More fiber. Fewer calories. Less sugar. Big props to the new Greenberry in almost every macronutrient health category. The new formula also added a powerful trifecta of new superfoods to its already impressive stable: Luo Han Guo, Moringa, and Himalayan Salt. And what about those patented super-greens? (It’s Greenberry after all!) Well, there’s more of those, too! Here’s how all the remarkable health improvements shake out:

If you are wanting to try a free sample of Greenberry or any other flavor of Shakeology please let me know!!

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