~VANILLA Shakeology~

IT'S HERE! Rich and creamy Vanilla Shakeology®

"YES!" "FINALLY!!" "HALLELUJAH!!" "HOT-DIGGITY-DOG!!!" There's a NEW Shakeology in town and this one's going to send your taste buds into a blissful state of jubilation. Not only does our NEW Vanilla Shakeology taste good, it IS good. So very good—in sooooooo many incredibly good ways.

Vanilla Shakeology is GOOD FOR YOUR BODY. While this rich and creamy shake tastes like the world's most delectable dessert, it's actually your daily dose of dense nutrition. Packed with more than 70 super-healthy ingredients from around the world, Shakeology is the healthiest shake on the planet (and that goes for all of our five amazing flavors).
Replacing one meal a day with Shakeology can help you:*
Vanilla Shakeology is GOOD FOR YOUR TASTE BUDS.
One of the best things about this new flavor is that because vanilla is a neutral base, you can customize recipes to make your shakes taste like anything you want. You can have a "Vanilla Latte" for breakfast one day, a "PB & J" for lunch the next, or a "Tiramisu" when you're craving dessert. You can NEVER go wrong with just vanilla.
So where do Shakeology's prized vanilla beans come from?
They come from a place where the soil is rich, the air is pure, and the water is untainted. They come from where natural resources available for growing vanilla beans are absolutely perfect. They come from the lush jungles of Madagascar, a remote island perched off the eastern edge of South Africa. And under this tropical rainforest's vast canopy, indigenous Malagasy farmers meticulously hand-pollinate each vanilla orchid by hand—then hand-harvest, blanch, sweat, sun-dry, and condition the beans (over a six-month period!) to release their incredible essence and aromas. So pretty much, these beans come from paradise.
Vanilla Shakeology is GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.
Through the purchase of these particular beans, we're helping invest in a wide variety of training for the rural Malagasy vanilla farmers. Not only are they learning optimal and sustainable growing and harvesting practices to help lower their costs, increase yields, and standardize their processes, they're also learning how to build a better infrastructure for their volatile vanilla bean industry. We're doing everything we can to help put an end to the prolific "slash-and-burn" agricultural harvesting that causes deforestation and soil erosion, putting unique crops (like vanilla), as well as natural resources, at risk.
In addition to all the training these farmers will be receiving through our purchase of these beans, we're also helping to invest in the building and ongoing maintenance of new schools in this developing nation. These schools are being built with renewable resources and are currently enhancing the education of more than 3,000 local children.
Vanilla comes in many forms, not all of which are pure. There are a lot of knockoffs out there that are labeled as vanilla, but aren't 100% pure vanilla because other elements have been added. Unfortunately, the food industry's dirty little secret is that most "natural vanilla" flavors use chemical additives and "vanilla-like" fillers which substantially cheapen the product, yet these companies are passing it off as the "real" thing.
How do we know Shakeology's vanilla is pure?
We've partnered with a highly reputable vanilla source that certifies complete traceability, from bean to bag. You see, Madagascar's current vanilla supply chain in this impoverished nation lacks standards and quality control. And sadly, once the cured vanilla beans leave Madagascar for flavor extraction elsewhere, far too many companies are taking less-than-ethical shortcuts to bring their "vanilla-like" products to market. So unless vanilla says it's 100% pure—it's not.
Simply put, Vanilla Shakeology is just . . . GOOD!
Sure, it took us a while to hunt down an untainted, flavorful, and ethically sourced vanilla bean that would meet Shakeology's standards. But we did it. And we're so incredibly proud of our incredibly delicious and ridiculously healthy Vanilla Shakeology—and we think you'll love it as much as we do.
But don't take our word for how amazing this stuff is; trust the words of some of our biggest fans:
"I loved it! I thought it was amazing! I was sad when the whole shake was gone!"
"Very nice addition to the Shakeology lineup!"
"Amazing! Is this really healthy? Hands down one of the best tasting shakes I've ever had.
Homerun, Beachbody!"

"I have always been more of a vanilla girl than chocolate, and for me this tasted like heaven in a glass."
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