~I'm Back! Fall Promotion~

So I have been away for awhile and haven't updated my blog because I just had our first baby!  Such an exciting and busy time, but I am excited to get back in the game!  When I had a few weeks left of my pregnancy T25 came out and I was so excited to get it and start it once I got the okay from the doctor.  I did try it out the day we got it and tried it out and loved it!  Nothing beats 25 minutes a day/5 days a week.  Especially having Shaun T as the trainer, he is amazing!  I did feel really good after I had my baby since I worked out throughout my pregnancy so I started T25 5 weeks post partum.  I just finished my first 5 weeks (Alpha Phase) re took my measurements and pictures and was totally shocked!  I knew I was getting smaller and closer to getting back into my clothes, but nothing feels better than seeing the pictures side by side and seeing how many inches all over your body you lost.  I lost 9 1/2 inches total and can't wait to finish up my second month (Beta Phase)  I am really committed to this and also just purchased the third month which you have to buy separate called (Gamma Phase).

5 weeks post partum and 5 weeks later.
Starting Date: September 2nd, 2013
After Pics: October 6th, 2013

Since I want to get back into the game I am doing a HUGE promotion for Fall.  I will pitch in $100 towards a challenge pack of your choice as long as you get 2 referrals who purchase a challenge pack as well.  There are a ton of different challenge packs for different types of fitness levels, but my favorite has to be T25 because there is a modifyer which I needed right away.  It is also the latest and greatest of Team Beachbody Challenge Packs right now.  You will also receive a "goodie bag" from me.  I include a Shakeology shaker cup, a jar of PB2, some samples of Shakeology in other flavors than the one you order, a P90X protein bar and more!  I will be starting up a new Challenge Support Group on Facebook where we all keep each other motivated and accountable.  We swap healthier recipe ideas, post sweaty pictures and when we just need that extra push from others we are there for you.  It is amazing what you can do when you are surrounded by other like-minded people which I've learned from the success of my past challenge groups.  If you are interested please check out my Challenge Pack section my blog and also go to www.teambeachbody.com/pagejaimee26 and sign up for a FREE membership.  Then contact me to learn more details!

Ways to contact me:
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Pagejaimee
email: page.jaimee@yahoo.com
Follow me on Instagram: PageMFitness
Kik: Pjm84

Here are some of my fellow coaches/customers awesome progress pics so far that I'd like to share!



 There are a TON more transformations from using Beachbody fitness programs and drinking Shakeology on my transformation section of my blog.  It's great that I've got to meet a lot of these people in person and hear their stories on how they stayed committed.  It's so inspirational!

Here's to a healthier Fall/Winter!! ♥