Motivational Monday: Cut your size in half!

Another great T25 success story!!

In high school, I developed a condition that made it impossible to keep food down. I ate everything I wanted to. (I mean EVERYTHING.) I never worked out. And I still lost weight. Crazy weight. In college, I didn’t have to worry about the “freshman fifteen,” because I managed to lose 20 pounds. That was alarming. But even worse when I was told I had an anxiety disorder and on the brink of a medical mental breakdown due to malnourishment.

So I was put on a medication that put an end to the throwing up—but made it impossible to lose weight. Now I was 200 lbs. and totally depressed. I hated the way I looked. And my confidence was so low, I took a job as a nanny so I could wear yoga pants and huge t-shirts all the time.

But here’s what saved my life. The woman I worked for was in the middle of an amazing transformation. In my first year as her nanny, I watched her go from a size 16 to a size 4/6 before my very eyes. Something totally clicked. I said, ‘if she can work full time, come home to two kids and still find time to exercise and eat clean, why can’t I?’

With Teresa as my role model and inspiration, I started with Shakeology (gave me amazing energy and got me on a regular sleep schedule), and added exercise. I started with COMBAT and loved the focus and simplicity of this total body, all-out burn. Plus, I met a man who became my fiancé and we LOVED working out together.

My life was awesome, and when Shaun T’s FOCUS T-25 came out, we were both so excited. Since we were planning a wedding, we loved that we could get a high intensity workout in just 25 minutes. But we never walk away feeling like we’ve compromised on a good workout.

By using Shakeology and Beachbody programs, I’ve been able to cut my size in HALF! But my goal has never been to fit into a certain size. My objective throughout this entire journey has been to find confidence in the way I look as well as to be healthy. (That I found my life mate, too, is just that much nicer.

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