Motivational Monday! My 10 Week Transformation

Yesterday was my last day of Phase 2 Beta month for the fitness program Focus T25!  As a coach, I stress so much to take pictures and measurements each month if you are starting a fitness program and/or drinking Shakeology to see those results even more.  Yeah, you may feel great and your clothes fit better but there's nothing more than actually SEEING for yourself side by side all the hard work you have accomplished.

Yesterday, November 10th was my 10th week of T25 and was my 15th week post partum after having my little baby boy, Ethan. Here are my pictures that I just put together!

Since my last measuremnts/pics on October 6th I have lost 5.5 pounds and 6.5", that is a total of 16" and 11.7 pounds in 10 weeks!!  I just LOVE T25!  25 minutes a day/5 days a week, can't beat that!


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