Motivational Monday: P90X3

How many of you have P90X and have never completed it? Whether it was a time factor or just seemed too hard? I'm excited to share that P90X-3 was just released and will be great for so many of you (especially for you that have New Year's Resolutions) It is not a graduate program, it is targeted for those who want amazing results...but packaged into just a 30 minute workout. Tony was saying that he has done this at 46 military bases around the world, they would bring their family members to work out with them and it was great because there are more modifications for people who were just starting out and could keep up. It is a 90 day program and comes with 16 30-minute workouts on 8 DVD's and a great meal plan that you can customize to your liking. There is Classic, Lean, Mass and Doubles so you can definitely do this more than 1 round to get even better results. This with Shakeology® is going to be one of the BEST home workout systems around and it is at a discounted price till December 31st with free shipping!
I will be starting up a new Facebook private challenge group for P90X-3 ONLY, and I'm going to start it after all the holiday craziness is over. It will start Monday January 6th (limited to 10)

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