My T25 Transformation!

So I finished T25 yesterday December 8th, 2013 and am sooo happy with my results!  I started this program when I was 5 weeks post partum (my baby is now 4 months old) and I think this is an amazing workout to do after your pregnancy is over.  I started at 137 pounds on September 2nd and yesterday weighed in at 119 pounds!  I am a petite and short (5'1") girl but didn't realize I could lose 18 pounds and get under my pre pregnancy weight.  I am breastfeeding, so that also helps with losing some extra lbs!  But following this fitness program along with having a sensible diet you would definitely get some amazing results!!  I'd like to share my final pics!

I lost my tape measure so will update my measurements as soon as I can!

I started T25 on September 2nd and finished the 1st phase (Alpha 5 weeks) on
 October 6th and then started Beta
 On Nov 10th I finished the Beta phase (5 weeks long) and on Dec 8th I finished the 
Gamma phase (4 weeks) I couldn't see too much difference but a little bit on my thighs and arms
 Here are my pictures from the very beginning to the end side by side

 Finally can see some definition in my back!

Side View


Thanks so  much for checking out my transformation!  I HIGHLY recommend T25 not only for the time factor now that I have a baby and how convenient it is to do this in the privacy of my own home, but because it's actually fun and you can modify if need be.  Also Shakeology for the simplicity to get the nutrition my body needs while on the go and busy as a new mama!  Tomorrow P90X3 gets released and that is by the one and only Tony Horton (maker of P90X) and is more weights than T25 and only 30 minutes.  Can't wait to start that!

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