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One of my favorite aspects of being a coach is mentoring other coaches. I have a personal goal to help 5 coaches get to and sustain the rank of DIAMOND this year! This is not just a promotion that comes with a pretty sparkle, diamond coaches are able to earn more income, are building residual income with their own teams, can qualify for ELITE and PREMIERE status which comes with lots of extra perks both monetary and brag-worthy.
Let's talk a little bit about DIAMOND. 
-The average annual income for diamond coaches is between $592 (low end) to $15.3K (average!) to $150K+ (high end). 
- Diamond is considered the first of the "LEADERSHIP" ranks. 
- 4% of coaches are diamond rank or above which means if you promote to diamond you are in the top 5% of the company! 
- Is Diamond difficult? No. All you need is a team of 8! That means you have 8 coaches signed up under you. And you have to help 2 of those people get to their first promotion (emerald). So this promotion is based on helping OTHERS to succeed! 
- Diamond perks: You can earn $18/bonus cycle as a diamond! 
- Diamond perks: You get access to the Bombshell Dynasty DIAMONDS group where the top leaders hang out. 
- Diamond perks: You are able to qualify for Premiere and Elite status. (Elite coaches have access to all kinds of perks including a $500/mo bonus JUST FOR BEING ELITE!) 
- Diamond perks: You can lead Team Cup groups! 
- Diamond perks: You can access to the Diamond Insider emails that Beachbody sends out.
I am looking for 5 people to mentor to get to (and sustain) the rank of DIAMOND by the end of this year! I will be opening up an exclusive and PRIVATE mentoring group for these people. You will get 150% of me! You will have access to extra trainings, more one-on-one time with me, more targeting and specific mentoring with me, insights from other leaders, and more.
The reason I am doing this group is because I know everyone's coaching goals are different. And I want to make sure to go all in with my coaches who are ready and willing to go all in as well!

There will be requirements though. Since I'll be dedicating so much time to this group I expect 110% commitment and a no excuses mentality.
Weekly activity tracking will be mandatory as will some group video calls. At least 10 minutes of personal development a day will be required of each group member. You must be an active coach and your business must be growing during the duration of the group. You must hit SC5 as a minimum each month. There will be weekly training assignments that are mandatory to be completed by each member. You must be ready to step outside of your comfort zone. You must be willing to do whatever it takes. You must be coachable. 

*There is no rank requirement for this group! As long as you are currently active and willing to commit to the things above you can join.

I am excited for you to join my team!!  

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