Is Beachbody a PYRAMID SCHEME?

I love this! So many of you see me posting here and there about Beachbody fitness programs and Shakeology. I became a coach back in 2011 to get myself into shape and feeling healthy and confident again after I had gained some weight after high school and the years after. It was great because I could keep myself accountable all while inspiring others and paying it forward. I never realized that I would make so many new relationships and be surrounded by so many like minded people that I call family. I didn't travel much growing up and this company has made it possible for Ryan and I to have gone on quite a few amazing trips and pay off some debt! And, of course to help me get back in shape from after having Ethan last July. But, the #1 question I get all the time is, isn't Beachbody a pyramid scheme? Well, the one and only Lindsay Matway sums it up pretty well!